The traditional technique of hot gilding has been used for centuries to decorate and title books, decorate pieces of furniture, mark jewellery boxes, handbags and luggage.

The technique is simple: a gold leaf or a gold film is laid over the surface. The gilding tool is heated and pressed down on the surface to be gilded. The gold only adheres to the motif.

At the workshop we use type holders in which we place the bronze letters (one at a time!) to write initials, words or messages in our many different fonts. We also have decorative hand tools for motifs or symbols.

We purchase our gilding tools mainly from Maison Alivon in Paris, maker of bronze letters since 1812. Others have been acquired while antiquing or at auction halls.
We regularly acquire new tools so we can offer a great number of possibilities.

Personalisation of leather

To give a personal touch to your favorite leather piece, we can add initials, messages, words and even symbols.

Fonts: Modern « Baton », classic « Elzevier », hand written, etc.
Font size: 2.1 to 10 mm
Motifs and symbols: Eiffel Tower, hearts, stars, flowers, etc.
Colour: 22 carat gold, silver and a few colours (blue, green, red, etc.) or simply without film

For an estimate, contact
Once we are agreed, we require 48 hours to return your personalised leather piece.

Events or in-boutique

It takes approximately 5 minutes for a marking. We can either dry print, i.e. without film (the quickest technique), or mark with 22 carat gold film or silver.

Whenever possible, we like to do tests on one of the pieces or on leather scraps to ensure quality markings.

For availability and estimates, contact

*** The gilder will always decline the activity if he/she cannot ensure the quality of the work. ***


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