leWORKSHOP works exclusively with leather from French tanneries renowned for their know-how. Their methods are respectful both of the environment and of employee working conditions.

The leather is then fashioned into ready-to-be-personalized leather pieces in the Paris workshop.

Particular attention is paid the finishes for all our pieces. The line marked with the iron provides a refined look.  Edges are polished with gum Arabic and finished with beeswax for a smooth and soft feel.
This technique as well as the sewing technique used are those of traditional saddlery.

All our pieces are hand-stitched with linen thread.
The saddle stitch uses the same thread for the front and the back. It is slightly slanted with a tiny space between each hole.
A hand-stitched piece is stronger and more durable. The thread will not unravel and the leather pieces will not separate from each other, contrary to a machine sewn piece.

This whole process and the attention to detail take time. We are proud of our work and, in the end, because they are hand crafted, each item has its subtle differences, which reveal the touch and mark of the maker’s hand.